Not sure what expenses you can claim?

Have you been submitted your own self-assessments, but end up with a big bill each year?

Perhaps it’s just been too much hassle and you want to hand it over to the professionals.  

If you answered yes to any of the above – we can help!  Our friendly accountants will make the process simple and stress free.  We’ll make you aware of all allowable expenses you can claim, take advantage of any tax schemes you are entitled to and ensure you only pay as much tax as you need to.  

We haven’t met a client who was completing their own tax returns who hasn’t saved more than our fee in tax by having us complete them on their behalf.  

We believe in being open about our prices - which is why we will tell you what to expect right from the beginning. Self-Assessment tax returns for property income, dividend income and self-employed CIS contractors start at just £145+VAT per annum.  

We will always let you know if you don’t need to complete a self-assessment, and help with the de-registration process.   


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