We make your business success our priority.  From start-up to established businesses - we are committed to helping you at every stage of your journey.  

Do you need support to raise funding?  Have your bank asked for a long-term forecast and business plan? 

Chadwick Accountants - Consultancy

Perhaps there's a project that needs to be managed short-term or you need interim support in the finance department.  

These problems no longer need to be daunting, we will integrate with the business to take provide you with the solutions you need.  

Group restructures are a phase many SME’s go through either to safeguard assets, separate trades or to incorporate different ownership structures.  At Chadwick’s we have years of experience in this area from creating simple holding companies to complex restructures to align with the company strategy.  

We have worked with directors to develop fair KPI systems that incentivise teams to achieve company targets including looking at share schemes for employees and finding the best solution for your business.  

Chadwick’s have a team of system experts, James has experience in merging systems from different acquisitions to line up with head office systems.  Rachael has a fantastic talent at being able to analyse systems and find ways to automate outdated processes.  Hazel creates simple manuals specific to company systems to ensure staff can easily follow company processes in line with policy, she is also key when it comes to training in-house staff.  Together we have delivered many successful internal restructures to optimise productivity.  

We can provide interim support, Rachael has acted as CFO and Finance Director to support businesses, providing hands-on leadership and giving assurance in the numbers.

 Since 2020 Rachael has helped raise over £13m to support SME's, she has worked on a number of high profile projects. During the pandemic she helped raised vital funding to support thousands of families and businesses across the UK.  Experienced in funding, cashflow planning, forecasting and supporting businesses that need advice or crisis management our experts are on hand to assist your business.  

We have a track record of delivering successful acquisitions by providing due diligence, securing funding and liaising with banks, sellers & solicitors to complete the transactions. 



Our consultancy services include all of the following:

Working together with experts in the field we can offer consultancy in the following areas:

  • New Business Start-up
  • Business Planning
  • Crisis Management
  • Sourcing Funding & Investment
  • Group Restructure
  • Leadership Advice
  • PR & Investor Relations (point of contact or building portfolio)
  • Objective review of Company Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Interim support Finance/Marketing/PR

We offer seminar & team building workshops on:

  • Leadership
  • The Successful SME
  • Effective Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Marketing & PR

Book in a 15 min meeting at a time to suit you for a free consult now:

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