Christopher Harrison
Business Analyst & R&D Specialist

Christopher is our adept Business Analyst and R&D Specialist, dedicated to helping our clients fully utilise their R&D allowances. He expertly navigates the process of R&D credit payments, all while ensuring absolute compliance with HMRC regulations.

Steering the helm for all of our clients' business analysis and costing requirements, Christopher's expertise spans from product and service costing to the intricate realm of big data analysis. He provides invaluable support to our clients, enabling them not only to understand their costs but also to price their products profitably, directly bolstering their business performance.

When he's not immersed in data or aiding businesses, Christopher actively contributes to his local community as the manager of a football team. Recently, his leadership and team strategy propelled the team to a promotion to a higher league – a testament to his dedication and team-building skills.

Furthermore, Christopher is a passionate cricket enthusiast, a hobby that mirrors the precision and strategic thinking he brings to his professional role. Whether he's delving into the world of finance, leading a football team, or enjoying a cricket match, Christopher's commitment to excellence is always evident.